A natural phenomena, The Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, has inspired people from all over the world for many generations. The Aurora has to be one of the most stunning spectacles for you to witness on earth. Appearing in Russia, Alaska, Canada, Finland, Greenland, Sweden, Iceland and Norway, the Northern Lights coincides with holiday makers year round. The Aurora appears as the solar wind, given to us from the sun, collides with the earth’s atmosphere. The natural extravaganza exposes itself at different stages, as any night can not be chosen to give a perfect display, given that luck has everything to do with being able to experience such a sight. Illuminating the skyline, the Aurora provides a contrast of intense colour. Holiday packages have been designed with vacations to gaze at the Aurora the prime event. One of the most famous tours, has to be to Lapland, which as Christmas approaches, goes into a stage of boom. Great for the kids and adults, everyone enjoys the enchanting surroundings of northern Finland. The Aurora can only be fully experienced in natural environments, which provide low exposure to man-made lighting effects, like street lights and house lights. This gives a clearer view of spectacle without being distorted in any way. As most holiday hotels are located in the wilderness, away from the big cities, it may not be the holiday you want to spend a long time experiencing, as you may like to spend sometime in the wild and then take the rest in a city, allowing you the option to view more of what the country your visiting has to offer. As a money saver, many people have been known to wrap up warm and camp out, gathering around a fire, under the bright lights of the Aurora.