A Life Changing Expedition, Antarctica

Among the world’s harshest conditions, the climatic diversity can push the human body to the limits, changing almost instantly you can never expect the weather to rest. Within the space of seconds the weather can alternate from sun to snow storms without warning, giving adventurers very little time to prepare. As every year, hundreds of passionate hikers attempt to overcome whatever nature can throw at them, leaving behind the luxuries of life, to unite with a new adventure like no other.

Time For Rest

There are 2 main ways of accommodating yourself when out on the expedition, first of which, means that you will be sleeping and cooking from a tent, which at night will keep you out of storms and cold winds, though you would still need to wear thermal clothing and sleeping accessories.

Secondly, you could spend more time, and build an Igloo, though this would require expert knowledge of somewhat and you would leave yourself no room for error, if the weather shifts, you would have very little time to adjust yourself to put together a tent for encampment.

Special equipment

Basic travelling equipment would be necessary, like any cooking equipment and long life food produce. Flare guns and normal guns would be highly recommended, through the vast open white lands, there is very little life for miles, should you encounter any difficulties, it’s always best to be prepared. Though for the life that is lurking, real guns may be necessary as you are not the only predator, and you could find yourself in trouble at any given moment, falling in danger with the animals out to hunt, after all catching food is not easy, even for the native wildlife, so they often scavenge and take the easiest option.

Taking an organised expedition with highly trained professionals would be ideal, as they hold more knowledge of the terrain, and heavy survival training ensuring many difficulties and injuries can be dealt with appropriately.