A Hiker’s Paradise, Altai Mountains

The Altai mountains occupy East-Central Asia, binding Kazakhstan, Russia, China and Mongolia together. The peaks attract the avid hiker’s to ascend through the forests and lakes to catch a glimpse of the Asian wildlife. Throughout the winter season, many activities are present for tourists to take part in. Many hiker’s love to camp in the altitudes of the mountain peaks, enjoying the serene atmosphere and the outdoor wilderness. Aside from camping there are many venues in which can accommodate you.

Places To Stay

One of the most well known resorts in Altai, is known as Belokhuriha, at the foot of the mountains the resort has numerous activities available, so rather than spend all your days hiking, you can also enjoy various winter sports, like skiing and snowboarding through the magnificent landscapes.

Though in every country connecting to the Altai range, they all offer various types of accommodation, from comforting hotels to holiday homes, you wont be short of alternative places to stay, though the nearest cities are Gorno-Altaysk, Barnaul and Novosibirsk, though located a distance away, your accommodation would be in remote areas.

Winter Season

When visiting during the winter season, tourists must always be prepared for the harsh weather conditions. As challenging climates approach from unforgiving areas like Siberia, temperatures can reach averages of -20 degrees. Travellers must take suitable clothing and footwear to ensure maximum protection. Due to the climate, the mountains are home to animals such as the elusive snow leopard, and there are also expeditions to try catch a sight of the animal. As the snowfall begins, around November, the entire mountains and their surroundings are covered, making conditions treacherous for the hikers.