10 Things to Do In Toronto

Are you planning to spend your vacations in Toronto? If you are going Toronto for the first time then this article will help you great in finding the most interesting things that you can do at Toronto.
10 great things to do in Toronto

1. Get sprayed at the Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls is a must visiting place in Toronto which is located almost 90 minutes drive from the Toronto. To get full view, you can watch the 750,000 gallons water from the top and it looks really beautiful. To enjoy the real thrill, you can also make booking of the Niagara Helicopters which flight over the stunning falls.

2. Visit the wide blue yonder
The concrete spike of the Toronto, the CN Tower is not the tallest tower in the world but it is the best way to touch the heights and get a stunning view. For drinks, you should try the Roof Lounge of “Park Hyatt” or you can go for the “Panorama Restaurant and Lounge”.

3. Climb on wondrous stairs
Daniel Libeskind makes designing of the “Michael Lee-Chin Crystal” used in the “Royal Ontario Museum” where the wondrous stairs are also incorporated along with the curiosities cabinet. In “Art Gallery of Ontario”, you will see the sculptural staircase in curve that starts from second floor and ends at fifth floor.

4. Go to Eaton’s centre for one day tour
In one day or half day tour in Eaton’s centre, head over to the trendy shops located in downtown area of Toronto. In Ontario, it is the biggest mall and it has a lot of things to offer. You can be misplaced in this big mall so always take a friend with you.

5. Capture the glory of Skydome
Don’t leave Toronto without visiting the Skydome where you can see concert or sporting event. The building of the Skydome has a movable roof and at one time, many people can easily accommodate inside. It is a masterpiece in Toronto that you should not miss.

6. Get tattoo or piercing
Toronto is a great place which offers different attractions for all kinds of people around the world. If you are adventurous, then you should get piercing or tattoo. In downtown Toronto area, there are some best artists of tattoos and piercing.

7. Go bar hopping at night
There are several hot spots in this city and you should go to the bar hoping at night because the real attraction of this place is seemed at night. In downtown area, walk downwards the main streets and find several bars and also clubs in this area.

8. See upcoming Toronto talent in Indie bar
If you are in Toronto, definitely, you will desire to check the upcoming talent from the city. To see live entertainment or upcoming Toronto talent like comedy or live brands, you should go to the Indie bar.

9. Golden horseshoe
To get feelings of all communities, go to the golden horseshoe. In downtown area, there are streets of the communities of culture and there is a Greek Street and Jewish District that you must check.

10. See great cultural places
Try to explore all cultural places such as Royal Ontario Museum and Art Gallery of Ontario.