10 Things To Do In Helsinki

Helsinki is the largest city and also capital of Finland. It has various attractive places for tourists around the world and there are number of things that you can do here and get experience. Here are ten wonderful things that you can do in Helsinki. Have a look:
1. Klippan
In seaside location of Helsinki, the best way to praise the beauty of Helsinki is to go towards island restaurant’s myriad. Don’t miss to see the inspired Klippan which is the most famous and stylish place.
2. Suomenlinna Island
For one day or half day trip in Helsinki, you can make your day memorable by making fun in fortress of Suomenlinna Island. It is ideal place for getting pretty boozy in summer holidays. Various good cafes are present in area. Get refreshment from cafes and take cool breeze in beautiful island.
3. Tuomiokirkko (Cathedral)
Crown of Helsinki, cathedral is one of the most beautiful places to see. It is just like a palace and its building seems stunning from both close view and far away view. It is located in such a place that you can see it from Suomenlinna and also some other areas of the town. To explore inner beauty of building, you can go between 9 am to 6 pm and take great pictures here.
4. Ooppera Talo
If you love to go in different events then you should go Ooppera talo. Different concerts are held here including ballet, classical and opera.
5. Porvoo Old Town
There are narrow and colored wooden bright houses with winding alleys in this town. If you want to capture the culture of Helsinki, then there is nothing as perfect option for you to visit as Porvoo old town. There are several elegant shops and crafting boutiques on both sides of main road, Kiskkokatu and Valikatu.
6. Esplanade Park
Esplanade Park lives in the heart of Helsinki people and tourists. It is best place if you want to relax and take rest in cool environment. This park and Espa Stage organized several most popular shows such as Fashion show of Marimekko, series of Jazz-Espa concert during July and midsummer pole by local people dancing in the month of June.
7. Tuomiokirkko
This finest place is created by the CL eagle which presides on the Senate Square. If you want to enjoy your day with your partner then you can choose this place as it has huge flight stairs which are normally called a meeting section for couples. It looks as beautiful from inner side as from outer. When you will go inside, you will see statues of heroes Luther, Mikael Agricola and ornamentation below the dome of lofty.
8. Helsinki Zoo
Zoo is made for animal lovers and it is very old zoo of the world. There are more than 200 animal species and 1000 plant species in Helsinki Zoo.
9. Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma
Don’t’ miss to visit the Contemporary Art Kiasma museum which is a not only symbol of traditional art but it also follows the newest trends.
10. Stadium tower
It is famous due to its highest peak which is 72 meters and it gives an impressive view of Helsinki.