10 Things to Do In Beijing

The enjoyment and best attractive places that you want to see and do inside the Beijing are endless as it is full of unique places and even you could not afford to visit them all. Every year many tourists come to explore the hidden beauty of Beijing around the world and it is the most demanded place for the tourists. Here is the list of best 10 things that to can do and see in Beijing.
1. Great Wall Tours
Great Wall is one of the greatest attractions for the tourist and it is said by Chairman Mao that if a person has never visited great wall then he is surely not a real man. This place is so popular in the world that millions of tourists come to Beijing every year for visiting the Great wall. You should go for hiking tour in Great wall which is must-to-do thing.
2. Cycling in Beijing
Cycling through the Beijing streets is the most popular activity of this area and it is interesting way to explore the city. You can bike from one place to another, take rest at any place that you like the most, stop for taking lunch, go to the old valley and move on along with other Chinese on their bikes.
3. Explore Beijing Hutongs
The Hutongs is called as the old Beijing and it offers unique features to visitors. There are numerous hutongs in the Forbidden City and most famous hutongs include Ming, Yuan and Qing dynasties. By visiting Beijing hutongs, you can explore the history of great Beijing.
4. Walk through the Modern Beijing
Walk in Wangfujing area and go inside to the commercial centre of Modern Beijing. The markets in the street sell everything you want such as shoes, cloths, books, tea, hats and many others.
5. Panjiayuan Market walking tour
The Panjiayuan Market is the most popular antique market located at west side of the Panjiayuan bridge and south of the “third ring road”. It offers antique stalls of furniture, jade, paintings, army surplus, calligraphy and ceramics.
6. Watch Kung Fu Show
In Kung Fu show, you will enjoy different martial arts of the China and it is one of the most popular exports of the China.
7. Enjoy Peking Roast Duck food
There are a lot of culinary dishes of Beijing but the most popular dish is Beijing Roast Duck. This dish is also known in the world so don’t forget to eat the delicious taste of Beijing.
8. Eat Beijing Local Snack
Besides attractive places, the Beijing dishes are also very popular. Beijing offers you the local flavor snacks which are available in three varieties: Hui, Imperial and Han snacks. You can enjoy Beijing’s snacks from different Snack restaurants such as Huguosi and Longfusi.
9. Watch Peking Opera
The Peking opera is the national opera of the China that offers you the stunning and artistic costumes, music and singing. It shows the cultural facts of the China and presents amazing paintings, gestures, secret stories and Chinese culture.
10. Relaxing in Houhai Bars
Enjoy the nightlife of Houhai which is full of pubs and small bars. Moreover, there are numerous cafes offering unique style and best services.